I’m not sure if I need a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator?

Great question! The best guidance we can offer is for you to truly evaluate a few key points. We have outlined them below.

Time: Do you or your family have time to essentially take on a second job. Procuring vendors, establishing budgets, detailing contracts, and maintaining them can be an undertaking for some. If you are a spread sheet wizard and reached under your bed to pull out your dream wedding binder, you are probably ready to take this on yourself!

Design: Do you feel confident in your ability to design your event? This means can you “ see “ what your wedding is going to look like and you feel confident that the vendors you are working with can help you bring that to life? If not thats ok, figuring out how to get the look you want is far easier with a trained professional by your side. A wedding planner has access to all things “ beautiful” and would be a great resource for you!

Budget: Don’t be scared of this word, every body has a budget. Budgets are real and important and should be respected. Whether you need a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator be sure to make room for them in your budget. At the end of it all both a planner and a coordinator are there to manage the team, details, and family the day of your wedding. If you want to make sure your friends and family are by your side on the dance floor at the end of the night, be sure to hire one of these wedding professionals. Otherwise its your friends and family that are managing the day when they should be sharing these moments with you.

What is the difference in roles between my hotel event manager and a day of coordinator?

Hotel Event Manager

  • Providing the event space

  • Reserving needed times and dates of the event space

  • Reserving venue equipment i.e tables, chairs, bars etc.

  • Create custom event menu specific to clients requests

  • Ensure all hired vendors have access to event space as needed

  • Provide staff for set & breakdown of tables, chairs, linens, and place settings

  • Provide service staff for cocktail hour, dinner, and beverage service

  • Cut and serve cake ( if applicable)

  • Provide a tasting & planning meeting

  • Establish the BEO ( Banquet Event Order)

  • Create the floor plan for staff and other outside vendors to follow for set up

  • Provide the point person for venue staff as well as banquet manager

  • Ensure all family & guests have an exceptional experience while on property

Day of Coordinator

  • Review all signed vendor contracts 

  • Facilitate walk through with the venue manager to review set up details

  • Create one master timeline for all hired vendors to work off of.

  • Handle all of the clients personal items for the event that will need to be set up and broken down at the end of the night. ex( Escort Cards, Table Numbers, Toasting Flutes, Ceremony Programs, Cake Cutters/ Server)

  • Ensure all vendors contracts needs are met ( Green Room or Specific Vendor Meals)

  • Conduct ceremony rehearsal

  • Orchestrate ceremony day of to include ( cuing music, bridal party positioning, reserved seating, rings etc)

  • Communicate with venue event manager how time line is progressing so that if food service adjustments need to be made, they are aware.

  • Ensure family members are involved in all of the big moments ( first dances, toasts etc)

  • Provide the point person for all vendors and guests

  • Ensure each vendor load out goes smoothly

  • Ensure all family & guests have an exceptional experience

I only need help on the day of, its not necessary for my coordinator to get involved six weeks out.